As spring unfolds its gentle embrace upon the rugged slopes of Mount Etna, a mesmerizing transformation takes place. Amidst the ancient lava flows and the imposing presence of Italy’s tallest volcano, a delicate spectacle emerges: the blooming of soapwort. In an enchanting dance of nature, clusters of soapwort flowers burst forth, painting the landscape with […]

Sicilian cassata is the typical Easter dessert. A culinary masterpiece that carries centuries of history and tradition with it. Here is the recipe for you.Ingredients:– 1 kg of patience (to endure the long hours of preparation)– 500 g of mystery (because no one really knows what’s inside a cassata)– 3 cups of history (because cassata […]

  Last season, while behind the scenes the staff was working tirelessly to ensure guests had an impeccable experience, our little mischief_maker stole the show generating more positive reviews than the property itself! No matter how impeccable the service was or how delicious the breakfast, all the effort seemed to fade in the front of Duke’s […]

  The epic Easter of Scicli! Every year, while the rest of the world prepares to celebrate Easter with sobriety, here in Scicli unfolds an event that leaves visitors with more questions than answers: the famous procession “U Gioia”.An event that takes place with all the solemnity of a Shakespearean comedy and the chaos of a […]

 The San Giuseppe’s Cavalcade, is held every year on the Saturday preceding March 19th. It is undoubtedly the most glamorous event of the year. A kind of annual remake of a religious classic, but with a twist of originality and extravagance where the real stars are the horses. An event that gets the whole city […]

Sicily, as we all know, is a paradise of taste, where every bite is a dance on the palate and every sip is an explosion of flavors! Sicilian wines are a vacation in a bottle, a sensory adventure that begins with a sip and ends… well, who really knows where it ends! They resemble the […]

FIVE REASONS NOT TO CHOOSE SICILY AS YOUR VACATION DESTINATION 1-Too Much Sun: With over 300 days of sunshine a year, Sicily might not be the best place for you if you love gloomy, rainy days. So, if you want to avoid getting a tan, you might want to consider a cloudier destination. But then […]

Scicli is an unmissable stop on an itinerary to discover Sicilian Baroque. It is a village full of history and charm, located at the intersection of three valleys, at the foot of imposing rocky spurs that enhance its allure. Immersed in the medieval atmosphere of its cobbled streets, surrounded by the sumptuous architectural heritage that […]